1. It’s Standards-Based

Our curriculum is developed according to best practices around early learning standards.  It easily aligns with other states’ QRIS criteria and early learning standards. Each of our activity plans states the developmental domain and components addressed and why this activity is important for development. See how the ELS curriculum aligns with your State’s standards

2. It’s Comprehensive

Each of our Units of Study covers all domains, including:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language and Literacy
  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Cognitive Development: Mathematical, Science, and Social Systems Learning
  • Physical and Motor Development

3. It’s Adaptable

Our Units of Study can be used for multiple age groups (birth through school age), are inclusive of all children, and can be used with different philosophies. Our Circle of Success planning system helps adapt learning experiences to the individual needs of each child.

4. It’s Affordable

Other early learning curriculum programs can cost several hundred dollars per year, and include a lot of material that ends up going to waste. With Early Learning Success, we offer several options of ‘Build Your Own’ curriculum packages or individual units at $12 each. Our entire curriculum is downloadable in digital format—so nothing goes to waste. The curriculum activities use your materials, and are commonly found in early childhood programs.

5. It’s Created by an Expert

Our curriculum is developed by Nancy Dougherty, an experienced educator in the state of Minnesota. Nancy presents a theory based curriculum in easily understood terms.  She has an M.A. in Education, over 15 years of experience as a direct care provider, is a coach and consultant for providers striving towards quality programming, and has developed documents for Minnesota’s child care professional development system. She designs our curriculum with the goal of clearly linking practice with theory.

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6. Guidance Using the Curriculum

There is a 97-page Curriculum Guide to help providers and educators understand and use the curriculum. More individual help can be accessed by contacting Nancy, just use the Contact Us form.

7. It’s Easy to Access

Each unit plan that you purchase is downloadable in a digital PDF format, accessible via your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  The curriculum activities use your materials, and are commonly found in early childhood programs.

8. Getting Started is Easy

With clear, easy to follow instructions, our Units of Study support your planning, making each activity a success.

With all of your bases covered, the Early Learning Success curriculum has the right combination to make quality unit planning easy, freeing up your time and attention for what matters most – helping children grow.

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What people are saying about Early Learning Success

“The Early Learning Success curriculum provides guidance for learning activities that help children be ready for school. Each activity explains how the learning is important for school or life success. It is also very affordable, and I can use just the parts that fit my kids. I look forward to the new topics each month.”


“Our team LOVES ELS! We were looking for an affordable yet quality curriculum that included all age groups in our center and ELS is just that and more. ELS ensures that we are covering all of the developmental domains so that we encourage growth in all areas. Our teachers are able to focus on the children more and not worry about developing their own program. Thank you ELS!”