Welcome to 2018!!
The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on current practices, (personal and professional), and decide what could be done or added to make them even better! Setting goals, and figuring out the steps to achieve them, can help us be more successful. Most of you have heard of SMART goals, but a refresher is always good!
Using the SMART way or setting goals can help you be successful. Each small step or action will help you realize your overall goal.
S –specific: your actions should state how you are going to achieve your goal
M – measurable: you need to be able to measure your achievements
A – achievable: the goal and steps needs to be realistic to achieve
R – results oriented: your actions or steps need to support your goal
T – time: set a time for completing steps to achieve your goal

Here is a planning format that could help you set and keep your professional goals! Professional Development Plan

Being ‘intentional and purposeful’ in providing quality care should guide your goals and planning process. The Early Learning Success curriculum can be a great resource to help provide the activities that will nurture school readiness. There are now 98 Units of Study to choose from to ‘Build Your Curriculum’ in the Store. The 2017-2018  Catalogue describes each Unit. When you choose one of the ‘build your own curriculum’ packages, you get to decide what topics to explore at great per-unit savings $$!!

To try out the ELS curriculum, download the free Dinosaur Unit at http://www.earlylearningsuccess.org and sign-up for the newsletter.