Many of us wait all winter for spring! This year I think we may be even more anxious as we try to wait out the end of Winter!

As you plan for Spring, here are some great weather ideas that support the developmental domains for early childhood.

The Early Learning Success Unit of Study Weather Watchers has more great ideas. The curriculum is written for mixed ages of children, birth through school-age, and uses early learning standards as a foundation.




1. Weather Paper Plate
Developmental Domains
 Cognitive Development – scientific and mathematical thinking
 Physical & Motor – fine motor
 Language & Literacy – speaking

• Divide paper plates into 4ths (draw black line with permanent marker, down the middle horizontally and vertically)
– You may want to divide the paper plate into 6 sections, depending on how many types of weather you want to chart
• Children draw different types of weather in each section: rain, snow, sun, clouds, lightning, windy etc.
• Print the weather in each section
• Help preschoolers place the arrow and brad through the middle of the paper plate
• Daily: children use their weather paper plates to decide what the weather is like outside
• Chart weather weekly or monthly

2. Weather Collages
Developmental Domains
 Cognitive – scientific thinking and observation
 Physical & Motor – fine motor
 Social & Emotional – self concept

• Talk with children about what color they associate with different types of weather
Yellow – sunny
Blue – rain
Grey – wind
White – snow
• Cut out pictures of different weather from magazines
• Glue pictures onto construction paper – use colors above for types of weather

3. Cloudy Skies
Developmental Domains
 Cognitive – scientific thinking and observation
 Creativity & the Arts – creating
 Approaches to Learning – curiosity; imagination & invention

• Read a book about clouds
• Provide cups of white and blue tempera paint for each child
• Children use sponges and dip into both colors of paint and dab onto white construction paper
• Each child’s clouds will look different!

4. Sounds of a Thunderstorm
Developmental Domains
 Creativity & the Arts – creating and responding
 Language & Literacy – listening and speaking
 Cognitive – scientific thinking and observation
 Social & Emotional – emotional
• Explore different sounds made by different materials or equipment in the room; look for soft sounds and louder sounds; they can also use their bodies to make different sounds
• Talk about what they hear when there is a thunderstorm
• Encourage the children to find the items they discovered that could be used to make the different sounds – thunderstorm sounds below:
– Soft rumbling
– Winds
– Soft rain
– Louder thunder
– Harder rain
– Crack of lightning
• Record their thunderstorm
• Provide markers, crayons and paper so children can draw a picture of their thunderstorm

5. Raindrops
Developmental Domains
 Physical & Motor – fine motor
 Cognitive – mathematical thinking
 Approaches to learning – persistence

• Children use eye droppers to drop water droplets onto a piece of construction paper or from one container to another
• Have children count the number of drops they should put on their paper or in their container
• Make mud by having children drop water onto dry dirt

Other great Early Learning Success Units of Study for Spring, available in the Store include:

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Revised from 2016