We can NEVER have enough transition ideas! Not only do great transitions make the day go smoother, children are also gaining different skills and learning through effective transition activities. The first blog article with transition ideas appeared in February 2017. Here are some more ideas to have in your ‘transition bag’. (Thanks goes out to Sue Paxton for this great list!)

Moving from Place to Place
• Walking to the beat of a tambourine or drum
• Use finger plays during waits
• Use songs while walking, waiting, riding the bus
• Tell story about some fishes (birds, worms, elephant) and end by having each “fish” swim to the table as his or her name is mentioned in the story
• Big step – Small step game
• Red light – Green light
• Hare and Tortoise walk
• Walk backwards – sideways
• Actions from moving from place to place – “Let’s do some _______”
o Walking
o Skipping
o Sliding
o Stamping
o Tiptoeing
o Marching
o Hopping

Drama While Moving from Place to Place
“If I were an elephant
I would swing my trunk and say
Come along with me”

“A-one and a-two and a-one and a-two
I’m a gentle giant and I won’t hurt you”

“Clouds are floating, clouds are floating
Up so high, up above us, In the sky, in the sky”

“Softly on his tip-tip-toes
The elf through the forest goes. Sh! Sh! Sh!”

“Sh!…the baby’s sound asleep.
On our tippy toes we creep. Sh!”

“The Kitten and the little Mouse
Walk so gently through the house. Sh!”

Stalling for Time – A Special Chance for Learning
• Touching Game – put your hands on your head, put your hands on your knees, etc.
• Riddles – I have four legs and I give milk. Who am I?
• Thinking Games – If a banana and a ball are both toys, shake your head.
• Who can do some…
o Clapping
o Reaching
o Stretching
o Drooping
o Swimming
o Pulling
o Rolling
o Patting
o Folding
o Typing
o Waving
o Shaking
o Windmill
o Pounding
o Painting
o Snapping
o Rubbing
o Tapping
o Cutting
o Hugging

Getting Ready for Story or Group Times
• Make large colorful shapes (triangle, circle, square) on the floor.
• Mark an X on the floor for each child to sit on the story corner.
• Use magic wand. Make a wish for a quiet room.
• Use a puppet.
• Make an attractive gathering place such as a story corner equipped with books, flannel board for children’s use, puppets and other quiet activities, also soft rugs or chairs.

Ideas for Cleanup
• Use a signal everyday – bell, song, tune on piano, bright colored sign.
• Teachers can help the children clean up.
• Use cleanup tags – worn as necklace, each has a picture of a specific cleanup job or area.
• Make a list of children who helped that day and review and thank them for making the room look so nice.
• Make helper chart and rotate children’s names to various helper pictures (picture of wastebasket with the name of the child responsible for emptying it that week).
• Use puppet to whisper “cleanup” in each child’s ear.
• Pretend it is night and ask the children to put the toys to sleep – give special instructions for kissing the dolls goodnight, etc.