Early Learning Success Spring Units

The Early Learning Success curriculum is a 'standards based' approach that supports each child's development, is easily adaptable to most settings, uses materials that are commonly found in early learning environments, and is very affordable. Check out the Units of Study that will make Spring come alive! Baby Animals BirdsCaterpillarsEarth WiseFarm AnimalsFrogsGardeningMudSpringSpringing UpStewards of the EarthThe [...]

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Spring-y Activities

Developmental Domain: Cognitive Development - Scientific Thinking and Problem Solving Children use senses to explore materials and the environment; they express wonder about the natural world; and they make predictions about objects and natural events. Grass-y Heads Materials: Old pair of nylon legs Grass seed Soil Small plastic containers (jar or cleaned cat food tins), [...]

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Spring Scavenger Hunt

We all get anxious for those ‘Signs of Spring’. This scavenger hunt is a fun activity that reinforces a child’s natural joy and desire to celebrate spring. Scavenger hunts are a great way for children to learn about the world they live in through hands-on experience and observation.  Scientists, writers, artists, inventors and self-aware people are [...]

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