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Setting the Stage for Success

When I am pondering something, there are questions I ask myself in order to find an answer: • What • Why • How These questions work well when thinking about quality in early childhood education and care settings. Quality settings are key in helping children be ready for school. What does ‘setting the stage for [...]

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School Readiness Activities

Part II: School Readiness Activities The following activities are from the Minnesota Parent Center, MN PIRC, a project of PACER CENTER. The activities are fun, easy to do, and do not require any special materials. They were written for a parent/child relationship but work equally well for any early childhood situation. Language and emergent literacy [...]

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What Is School Readiness?

This is the first of a 2-part series. It seems that parents, caregivers, and the community-at-large are often confronted with the idea of ‘school readiness’ and how important it is for our children. Many State’s education departments have dedicated substantial time, effort and money to support school readiness in early childhood so that children are [...]

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Part 2: Approaches to Learning, Temperament, and School Readiness

How does the Approaches to Learning domain and Temperament impact 'school readiness'? In order to answer that question, we need to define “school readiness”. The National Education Association defines school readiness as the “academic knowledge, independence, communication and social skills children need to do well in school”, defined as: • Academic knowledge – children have [...]

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Nurturing Cutting Skills In Young Children

Rip, Snip, Cut – Heling young children develop scissor skills Yes, preschoolers, and toddlers with close supervision, should be using a scissors! Helping children to become independent means helping them master skills and safety rules for using many different tools. This is a key piece of development for school readiness and success, as well as [...]

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More than ‘Cute’

“I loved the project because it was so cute.” “It was a really cute idea.” “It was easy and cute.” To me, these statements are almost as bad as being called a babysitter. Quality purposeful and intentional childcare and education is more than ‘cute’. The providers that care about their children being ready for school [...]

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Repetitive Reading, Part 1: The Benefits

Benefits of ‘Repetitive Reading’ for Children Children love to have stories read to them over and over! There are many reasons for this – it may be that they love the story characters, the colors in the pictures, the flow of the words, or even just the joy of being close to you as the [...]

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Supporting Children in School Readiness

Getting ready for school is a big job for any preschooler, but the everyday experiences of your family are the foundation of school readiness. School readiness is defined as the skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments that children know and can do as they enter kindergarten in the following areas of child development: social and emotional [...]

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