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More than ‘Cute’

“I loved the project because it was so cute.” “It was a really cute idea.” “It was easy and cute.” To me, these statements are almost as bad as being called a babysitter. Quality purposeful and intentional childcare and education is more than ‘cute’. The providers that care about their children being ready for school [...]

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Repetitive Reading, Part 1: The Benefits

Benefits of ‘Repetitive Reading’ for Children Children love to have stories read to them over and over! There are many reasons for this – it may be that they love the story characters, the colors in the pictures, the flow of the words, or even just the joy of being close to you as the [...]

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Supporting Children in School Readiness

Getting ready for school is a big job for any preschooler, but the everyday experiences of your family are the foundation of school readiness. School readiness is defined as the skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments that children know and can do as they enter kindergarten in the following areas of child development: social and emotional [...]

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