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Day-to-Day Care of Young Children’s Brains, Part 2

Early childhood educators spend critical time with the children in their care and program. Being intentional and purposeful in the learning activities and experiences should support all areas of development. Although this article was intended for parents of young children, there are good tips for all who interact with young children. Research on early brain [...]

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Brain Development and Young Children, Part 1

The research is pretty clear and consistent about how brain development impacts children in their early years. The following article excerpt from the University of Maine, Extension office provides information on how the brain develops AND guidelines for the care of young children to promote healthy brain development and school readiness. Children and Brain Development: [...]

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Best Practices in Early Childhood Programs

Last week we explored the idea of being purposeful and intentional when providing learning opportunities and activities for children. Using best practices in early childhood education and care provides the foundation for being purposeful and intentional. The following practices are important in providing quality early childhood programming and implementing engaging learning activities for children. They [...]

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Tis the Season of Giving

Reposted from 12/16 Teaching children to be generous and caring can help ensure a peaceful and supportive environment where all children grow and develop to their maximum potential. This is not only a great environment for children, but also for the adults that work in it… win-win for all! The following excerpt from ‘4 Ways [...]

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Repetitive Reading, Part 2: Resources to Support Literacy

We know that emergent literacy begins at birth and continues to build through experiences that occur in infancy and early childhood. Emergent or early literacy skills refer to the development of listening and language skills that are important for learning to read. Reading to children, singing songs and reciting finger plays, doing puzzles, and scribbling [...]

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Supporting Children in School Readiness

Getting ready for school is a big job for any preschooler, but the everyday experiences of your family are the foundation of school readiness. School readiness is defined as the skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments that children know and can do as they enter kindergarten in the following areas of child development: social and emotional [...]

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Five Strategies for a Successful Circle Time

There are many different opportunities for children to learn all day long. Some of the activities are independent and child led, others are interactive and more teacher-led. Circle time is a great time to help children develop many different skills from interactions with others to language and literacy skills. Being prepared can help group time [...]

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