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‘Loose Parts’ Play

Play for preschoolers can be teacher-directed by providing specific things to play with such as a store set-up in the dramatic play area, or very open-ended with a bin of ‘loose parts’. Both types of play are completely appropriate and help children develop many different skills. So, what exactly is ‘loose parts’ play? Loose parts [...]

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Just Playing…

We have all heard that ‘play’ is a child’s work. And, many early childhood programs use play as a basis for their curriculum. But is ‘play’ enough to support a child’s success? In early childhood education, supporting a child’s development in all of the development domains is crucial for school and life success. It is [...]

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Changing Roles in Early Childhood education and care

Take a moment to reflect on what you did when you were 4 & 5, and the expectations adults had for you. For myself, I spent my early years being cared for by my mom. My days were filled with exploration, discovery, creativity and invention.  I played inside and out most of the day. I [...]

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Fall Leaves – Nature’s Free Learning Materials!

Do you remember how fun it was to scrunch along in piles of leaves?  Do you remember how they smelled when you rolled in them?  Do you remember how you used to marvel at their colors?  Having young children around helps us to rekindle these feelings, thoughts and smells.   Fall leaves are a natural and [...]

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Yikes!!! My child is doing ….

Part 2: How do caregivers support development? Understanding that children develop at their own pace, and through a pretty consistent pattern is very important for anyone working with young children. Sometimes just KNOWING that the child is not being ‘naughty’ but actually working very hard to master a new skill can give caregivers an entirely [...]

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Yikes!!!! My Child is Doing……

Part 1 on Child Development Tired of picking toys or items off of the floor after your 13 month old drops them from their high chair tray?Wondering why your 2 year old ALWAYS has to dump out ALL of the toys?Losing patience with your 3 year old that insists on trying to zip his own [...]

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Oodles of Play Dough Recipes

'One Hundred and One Recipes for Fun' is a great collection of fun and messy recipes that can be integrated into your daily planning and activities. These are not my original ideas; I have compiled these recipes over many years of snipping from magazines, borrowing ideas from fellow caregivers, and searching through resource books and internet [...]

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Setting the Stage for Success

When I am pondering something, there are questions I ask myself in order to find an answer: • What • Why • How These questions work well when thinking about quality in early childhood education and care settings. Quality settings are key in helping children be ready for school. What does ‘setting the stage for [...]

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What Is School Readiness?

This is the first of a 2-part series. It seems that parents, caregivers, and the community-at-large are often confronted with the idea of ‘school readiness’ and how important it is for our children. Many State’s education departments have dedicated substantial time, effort and money to support school readiness in early childhood so that children are [...]

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Peace Keepers – ELS Unit of Study that Supports Developing ‘Personal Power’

Positive self-esteem ….. Membership in a group or community ….. Successful communication skills ….. Celebrating and inviting diversity ….. These are all components to develop Positive Personal Power. This Early Learning Success Unit of Study is an introduction to the development of Positive Personal Power. Children and adults that are able to develop, recognize and [...]

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