This a reprint from past years.

It is always important to be prepared when caring for children!

Are you prepared for injuries that might happen at the playground? A Playground First Aid Kit usually has fewer supplies than what is in your home or center First Aid Kit. A fanny pack or small backpack works well to hold these Playground First Aid Kit supplies:

• disposable gloves
• disposable instant cold packs
• adhesive bandages, several sizes
• adhesive tape
• elastic bandage(s)
• sterile gauze pads
• triangle bandage (rectangle cloth for sling)
• alcohol wipes or other antiseptic wipes
• hand sanitizer
• zipper lock bag, gallon size

Medication – if allowed by your State’s licensing regulations
• special medications or supplies needed by any child in your care
• sunscreen
• antibiotic ointment
• calamine lotion
• sterile eyewash/saline solution
• petroleum jelly (for body parts stuck in tight places)
• epinephrine auto-injector for any child and staff member at risk for anaphylaxis

• small scissors
• tweezers
• needle
• thermometer
• safety pins
• pen/pencil and notepad

• location/address of park or field trip
• first aid manual
• emergency numbers – 911 and Poison Control Center
• emergency phone numbers and contact information for all children and staff
• important medical information for all children and staff, including health problems and medications; signed emergency release form for each child and staff member

Always to be prepared instead of sorry!

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