We all get anxious for those ‘Signs of Spring’. This scavenger hunt is a fun activity that reinforces a child’s natural joy and desire to celebrate spring.

Scavenger hunts are a great way for children to learn about the world they live in through hands-on experience and observation.  Scientists, writers, artists, inventors and self-aware people are not only experts at observation, but also in their ability to use their observations for a specific purpose.  Children that are able to use their observations in a productive way demonstrate their knowledge and mastery over their world.  This helps promote self-esteem and self-confidence, both are important components in social/emotional development.

The ‘Signs of Spring’ Scavenger Hunt

This activity can be done over a period of time, or as a one-time outdoor activity. To get started, gather your supplies – a notebook and pencil. On your ‘hunt’, when you notice a ‘sign of spring’, write it down in the notebook.  Encourage younger children to draw pictures. Take note of the date so that you can plot it on the calendar.

Some ideas to ‘look’ for:

–        Birds singing in the morning – especially songbirds like cardinals and robins

–        First sighting of a robin

–        Birds gathering nesting materials

–        Changes in the trees – tips of branches turn colors, tree buds, leaves

–        Splotches of grass peeking through the snow, green grass

–        Tulips, daffodils, or crocus blossoms

–        People/children outside riding bikes, taking walks, running, playing at the playground

–        People wearing lighter jacket

–        Geese and ducks coming back north

–        Rainstorms with thunder

–        Neighbors grilling on the patio

–        Drawing with sidewalk chalk

**You may also want to take two paper bags on your scavenger walks – one for collecting ‘treasures’ to make projects with when you get home, and one to collect litter (you might want to wear gloves).

Childhood is a time of wonder …….. take the time to enjoy the wonder with them!