New Blog Series – ‘Spotlight on ELS Units! With over 100 Units of Study to choose from in the Early Learning Success curriculum, I thought it would be helpful to put a ‘Spotlight’ on Units of Study that are perfect for the season or month. Each ‘spotlight’ unit will also have a special price of $6.00 for the month!

The ‘Spotlight Unit’ for October is Spiders – just in time for Halloween! To try an activity from this Unit of Study, click on this link for  Spider Legs

Sticky webs …..
High up in the corner…..
Catching bugs and flying insects ……
Many adults find spiders to be high on the ‘creep meter’, but children are often fascinated by these web-spinning friends.

Spiders can be very interesting to watch as they spin webs, stalk prey, and speed across an open space. Learning about spiders encourages children to develop research and organizational skills as they collect interesting facts about spiders. See the list of spider facts in the Template section or visit:

Encourage children to explore spiders through these hands-on activities:
• Hear folk tales about Anansi the spider
• Watch live spiders in an aquarium or clear plastic container (really fun!!)
• Match numbers for the 8 legs of a spider
• Make spider hats

Teaching children to be respectful of all creatures in our world can foster an attitude of caring for everything in our world – not just spiders, but the different people they will meet and the lands they will visit.