New Blog Series – ‘Spotlight on ELS Units! With over 100 Units of Study to choose from in the Early Learning Success curriculum, I thought it would be helpful to put a ‘Spotlight’ on Units of Study that are perfect for the season or month. Each ‘spotlight’ unit will also have a special price of $6.00 for the month! Here is the link for the current ELS Curriculum Catalogue so you can check out all of the Units! Catalogue

The ‘Spotlight Unit’ for December is Popcorn & Pajamas. To try an activity from this Unit of Study, click on this link for  ‘Pajama Drama’

Unit of Study Highlights

The smell of fresh popped popcorn …..
Warm & fuzzy pajamas …..
Cuddling up with a favorite book ……
Memories we have from childhood are rejuvenated when re-created with young children.

The winter days can get long, and the bustle of the holiday season can cause an overload of emotions for children. Sometimes we all need to find some stress relief. Intentionally planning comfort-focused activities can help children (and adults) weather the    stress of the season.

Children experience the fun of ‘popcorn and pajamas’ through these hands-on activities:
• Hear the story, sing the song and act out ‘Ten in the Bed’
• Examine popcorn using magnifying glasses
• Improve their matching skills with the Pajama Matching game
• Use their fingerprints to create a ‘popping’ picture

Take some time to relax, put on some comfy clothes and snuggle up with the children and some good books! You will enjoy it and so will the children 