‘Spotlight’ on ELS Units! With over 100 Units of Study to choose from in the Early Learning Success curriculum, there are great Units of Study perfect for the season or month. Each ‘spotlight’ unit has a special price of $6.00 for the month!

The ‘Spotlight Unit’ for August is Let’s Go Camping, available at Let’s Go Camping. To try an activity from this Unit of Study, click on this link for Jump the River

Starry nights…..
The smell of campfires…..
Toasting marshmallows……
These are memories many adults have of summer outdoor camping.

Children love to make forts and ‘camp’ in the yard or in the living room! Using the outdoors as a classroom supports a child’s learning in many different domains.
Exploring the outdoors will spark many inquisitive conversations. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Learn about the power of the sun through solar cooking
• Explore the night sky and make their own stars
• Practice jumping skills when they ‘jump the river’
• Discover things in nature through a scavenger hunt

There are so many things to do in the great outdoors. Invite the children to come up with other ideas to incorporate into your planning all year long.

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