Do you sometimes find that transition times turn into complete chaos? It is just as important to have an idea or to plan for your transitions as to plan for the upcoming activity. Having smooth transitions can lead into better and more engaging learning activities.  Here are some great ideas to help you be successful with your transitions.

Children can move from place to place as:

robots                    rabbits                    baby crawling          bears

ducks                     reindeer                  puppies                     lions

trains                     spies                        airplanes                   mice

birds                      snakes                     race cars                    kittens

elephants              tug boats                dinosaurs                  monsters


Children can move by:

walk backwards               tiptoeing                  take a magic carpet ride

walk sideways                  stamping                  float like bubbles

skipping                            big steps                   crab walking

hopping                            little steps                 marching

jumping                            dancing                     zig-zag


The caregiver can be the _________ and the kids can be the __________

flight attendant                                                 passenger (airplane)

conductor                                                           passenger (train)

captain                                                                passenger (ship)

mother duck                                                      baby ducks

good fairy                                                           good children

hairdresser                                                         customer

zoo keeper                                                          elephants


Play these simple games:

Red light/green light                     Hokey Pokey

Simon Says                                      Name your favorite foods

Follow the Leader                           Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, All Aboard!


Sing your favorite songs:

The Alphabet Song                                     Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The Ants go Marching                               The Farmer in the Dell

The Bear Went Over the Mountain         The Itsy Bitsy Spider



Eating a piece of watermelon                   Cutting with scissors

Eating a piece of corn on the cob            Blowing a bubble with gum

Catching a butterfly                                    Getting dressed

Caring for a crying baby                            Walking a dog

Blowing out birthday candles                  Catching a ball