When I am pondering something, there are questions I ask myself in order to find an answer:
• What
• Why
• How

These questions work well when thinking about quality in early childhood education and care settings. Quality settings are key in helping children be ready for school.

  • What does ‘setting the stage for success’ mean in childcare?
  • Why is this important for quality education and care programs?
  • How do educators and caregivers do this?

The What – Proving that ‘special place’ for each child.
Most simply, it means that we are providing an environment and experiences that facilitates positive development in children. We all have ‘special places’ that we like to go to because we feel good when we are there – we feel nurtured, energized, engaged and important. This is what we want for our children when they are in our care – to feel nurtured, be energized and engaged in learning, and to know they are important to us.

The Why – Quality early childhood programs are so much more than babysitting services!!
Research shows that children in nurturing environments create positive hormones in their brains necessary for positive development. It is like an upward spiral – children that are engaged in positive learning activities are supportive of others, have less challenging behaviors, and are happier in general. This positivity is contagious to others and makes the day much easier for the caregiver. Win-win for all!

The How – Being prepared prevents a poor performance for all.
We need to be prepared ourselves as the educator or caregiver in order to provide the environment and experiences that ‘sets the stage’ for children to be successful.
We do this by:
• Understanding child development
• Knowing about early learning standards
• Developing programming that will address the needs of the children in care
• Implement planning so that we are prepared for the day’s activities

Providing an environment that is rich in learning activities that are age and developmentally appropriate is how we ‘set the stage’ for each child to be successful.

The Early Learning Success Curriculum can help you plan for and implement programming that will help children be ready for success in school. Check out the free Dinosaur Unit at http://www.earlylearningsuccess.net

The Current Catalogue of Units of Study is available at https://earlylearningsuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Catalogue-2019-2020.pdf