Frosty noses…..
Snowflakes falling softly…..
Hot chocolate and marshmallows …..

Winter is a season that can be filled with joy as it heralds many fun outdoor activities – as long as we are dressed for the weather! Hats, mittens, boots and warm coats are a must! Through active outdoor play, children are able to use their large muscles when exploring all of the changes they see in the environment. They are also able to use a lot of energy and exercise those large muscles! Then come inside and warm up inside with a mug of hot chocolate or apple cider.

Through these hands-on activities, children are able to explore winter when they:
• Use real mittens to create a special mitten painting
• Create words out of snowflake letters
• Play a game to understand how animals hibernate, migrate or adapt

Every year, we go through many seasons. Helping children to understand what happens in each season helps them to find the ‘joy of the season’!