Bubbles, balloons and kites …

Running through sprinklers …

Gentle breezes and summer rain …

Most of us have memories of hours of spring and summer fun using wind and water.

Water play is lots of fun for children and can be done any time, inside or out. And, most children don’t need much direction in getting started! Children may have more limited experience with ‘wind play’, but almost all children love bubbles and balloons! This Unit helps children begin to understand that wind and water are ‘forces of nature’ that can be harnessed to provide energy and power for many things.

Wind and water are easy to access, ‘free’ materials readily available for children to explore. Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Learn how air can move things
  • Explore the different materials that can be moved by air
  • Differentiate between ‘more’ and ‘less’ through counting ‘raindrops’
  • Use various equipment (cups, funnels, turkey basters, strainers etc.) to explore the properties of water

Exploring and experimenting with common forces of nature helps children learn about the world around them.