‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Unit of Study Highlights
Book by Maurice Sendak

Talking back or sassing …..
Consequences …..
Re-instated with the ones we love ……
Most of us have experienced this sequence of events when we were children… misbehaving, having a consequence, and then back in the fold of our family’s love.

Children will act out and push their boundaries … this is how they learn about their boundaries, and how to interact in an appropriate what with family members and out in society. There are consequences for all of our behaviors – some are positive consequences, and some are ‘learning experiences’. When positive behavior guidance strategies are used with love, children learn what appropriate expectations are.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that can be developed based on this book. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Write a letter to a loved one
• Create their own monster using a variety of art materials
• Use ‘monster feet’ and their large muscles when following an obstacle course

We all have a ‘wild thing’ inside of us…. we just need to know how to tame it!