Digging in soft garden soil …

Carefully planting the seeds …

Watering, weeding and watching …

Ah, finally after many weeks of caring for the garden, fresh vegetables!

There is nothing more rewarding (or better tasting!) than fresh vegetables from the garden you have planted and taken care of! Children learn so many things from having their own garden. They gain a sense of accomplishment and pride; they learn about how plants grow through careful tending; and they learn how wonderful fresh vegetables taste (hopefully they will taste what they grow!).

Children actively explore vegetables in this Unit through:

  • Learning about different vegetables through language activities
  • Tasting a variety of vegetables in the New One A Day challenge
  • Create their own vegetable garden in the Cement Block Veggie Garden activities

Growing your own vegetables is an activity that provides hours of fun (and work!) for everyone – all ages, all abilities!