Children are very inquisitive about the world they live in, and love learning about different animals that live in the world with them.  Helping children see the beauty in the world that surrounds them nurtures a love of the environment, and everything that inhabits it. Hopefully this will instill in children a desire to take care of all the creatures that share the earth with them.

There are so many different creatures to explore in an Under the Sea Unit of Study.  Through this Unit we explore only a few animals but children should be encouraged to discover others. Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Discover the beauty of a coral reef through sculpting coral
  • Investigate the differences in the many types of sea shells
  • Use colored sand to write their names
  • Explore the many creatures living in the sea through reading books

Spend some time ‘Under the Sea’ to see what creatures live and play there!

More sea and ocean ideas are available in the Wet & Wild Unit of Study