The creak of leather from a saddle…..
The snort and whinny of a horse…..
Clip-clop and giddy-up……
These are sounds that are very familiar to those that have been around horses.

Current day rodeos evolved out of the activities and chores from old-time cowboys that worked on cattle ranches in the West. Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls are some of the toughest and most graceful athletes there are in the competition world. It takes hours of practice, the mental and physical toughness to experience pain and defeat, and a competitive spirit.

Young children love to learn about the many different things in their world. Through hands-on activities, they:
• Develop a larger, working vocabulary through books, discussions, finger plays and songs
• Practice counting skills through a ‘horseshoe’ game
• Make a vest, chaps, bandana and hat – just like the rodeo cowboys!
• Taste a yummy cowboy stew, made to their liking

Rodeos are fun for everyone, and are held throughout the country.