The Rainforest Unit of Study Highlights

Lush green canopy …..
Brilliant colored parrots …..
Frogs, and bugs, and butterflies abound ……
These are memories many adults have of summer outdoor camping.

The rainforest is a land of bright colors, exotic animals and lush greenery. The rainforest provides the world with many resources and products. It is also an ecological system that is endangered by the continued development of human beings.

The rainforest is a great eco system for children to learn about environmental conservation. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Use a ‘rain’ ruler to measure items, comparing them to the amount of rainfall that makes a rainforest
• Explore the layers of the rainforest and what lives in each layer
• Make a rain stick
• Practice fine motor – scissors skills through cutting a spiral jungle vine

The rainforest is an important ecological system for our world. Help children learn to love it and protect it!