Open and closed …..

Awake and asleep …..

Tall and short ……

All of us experience ‘opposites’ many times every day.

The ‘The Opposite Zoo’ provides many opposite pairs that help children expand their knowledge of the world, and their vocabulary. Every day we use our senses to see, hear, touch and taste differences in things in our world.  One key literacy skill that is developed through this book is the ability to make the distinctions of features that result in the understanding of ‘opposite’ concepts. This is an important school readiness task.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that can be developed based on this book.  Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Make bead necklaces with patterns of big and small beads
  • Move their bodies to various ‘opposite pairs’ such as fast and slow
  • Create distinct art work with black on white and white on black materials
  • Use their taste buds to compare different opposite tastes

Children that use the vocabulary of ‘opposite pairs’ are much better at defining and explaining things they see or experience in their world.