Doors that open magically …..
Riding in the cart, up and down the aisles …..
And an entire row of candy! ……
Children are amazed with the many things that are part of a grocery shopping trip.

The grocery store is a cornerstone of many neighborhoods and communities. Grocery stores provide food from a wide variety of sources that encourage children to learn more about their world. Visiting a grocery store provides learning opportunities that support social skill development, helps children understand the work and support of people in their community, and provides real-life learning in social systems understanding (how we get food from ‘farm to table’).

Learning about the grocery store provides children real-life knowledge that will be useful throughout their lives. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Practice writing skills making a grocery list
• Fill a paper bag counting grid with grocery items
• Use tempera paint to create their own grocery ad
• Make a grocery cart out of a cardboard box for fun races

Children love to visit the grocery store. Providing trips to local businesses and places of interest help children develop important social skills and increase their vocabulary about the world around them.