Sunny days and bright blue skies …

Gentle winds and warm summer rains …

Shady trees and a picnic lunch …

A summer filled with these things provides hours of great outdoor fun.

Summer is a great time to get outside to explore and run off some energy. Spending large amounts of time outside in the fresh air will help children be able to better concentrate and listen when they come indoors (hopefully!) Children can experience the joys of summer through these hands-on activities:

  • Reading about and listing all the fun things that can be done during the summer
  • Exploring how the sun be used to tell time
  • Examining a lemon and use it for a citrus-y scented picture
  • Practicing throwing while cooling off in the sprinkler

Summer usually goes by way too quickly. Enjoy the sunny days while you can, and maybe remember some of these ideas to bring inside when the weather turns cooler!