‘Stone Soup’ Unit of Study Highlights
Book by Ann McGovern

Peeling potatoes, slicing carrots …..
Setting the table …..
Washing dishes in a sudsy sink……
Most of us loved to help with kitchen tasks.

The book Stone Soup lends itself to recreating these tasks for the children in care. Providing them opportunities to learn real-life, self-help skills such as cooking will help them develop independence. Children that are confident in taking care of themselves often are more open to caring for others.

Sharing resources is one thing we can do to care for others. In this story, children see how everyone gets a lot from sharing just a little. Children that are ‘caring and sharing’ are developing important personal attitudes such as empathy which will help them become caring and contributing citizens in their communities.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that can be developed based on this book. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Participate in a reenactment of the story, based on the sequence of events
• Compare vegetables based on weight, size and color
• Make beautiful designs using vegetables
• Toss beanbag vegetables into a cardboard pot

And of course, make soup!