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Snugglin’ In


Snuggle up with someone you love


Product Description

How do we prepare for the coming colder weather? Buttons, zippers, mittens and boots!
These are the things that can provide huge challenges for children but once mastered they provide moments of pride and accomplishment.

And when we want to just ‘snuggle in’? Make a bear cave with cushions, comforters and books. Just find a large cardboard box and let the children paint away! Children will love snuggling up with a good book for some quiet time.

This Unit of Study examines how creatures and people get ready for colder weather from enjoying the fruits of fall to conquering getting dressed for outside! In this Unit children:
• Write a rebus story about fall changes
• Enjoy apple cider and Cream Cheese Play Dough for snack
• Finger paint a ‘harvest moon’ picture
• Practice getting dressed for outside


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