‘Sneezy the Snowman’ Unit of Study Highlights
Book by Maureen Wright

Rolling, rolling, rolling …..
Stacking huge snowballs …..
Adding nose, mouth, eyes and a hat ……
Making a snowman is something many of us have done time and time again.

In this story, Sneezy the Snowman is cold. In trying to warm up, he makes choices that are not in his best interest! Children will find the humor in this story as they realize that the choices made have a negative consequence. This is a good way to talk about choices with children. The story is also written with rhyming words which can help children develop listening and literacy skills.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that are inspired by this book. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Develop visual discernment skills in playing snowman matching games
• Use higher level thinking and problem-solving skills to describe why their snowman melted when creating their own melted snowman
• Discover the ‘life cycle’ of a snowman, and snow or ice
• Create a unique, one-of-a-kind snowman with a balloon, paint, and art scraps