Stomping in cowboy boots ……
Flip-flops for beach walking……
Squeaky new tennis shoes……
We all wear special shoes made for specific occasions.

Shoes can spark a child’s imagination as they think about where the shoes have been and where they are going! They help children understand about the world around them when they talk about what type of shoes people wear for different events or tasks. Shoes also provide a great tool for learning about scientific observation and mathematical counting and sorting. Shoes are perfect for all types of learning!

Shoes are everywhere, and easy to gather in a box or bin for exploration. Shoe activities in this Unit provide hands-on learning through:
• Counting, sorting and charting the many different characteristics of shoes
• Following the lines to untangle the ‘laces’
• Sculpting a shoe with self-hardening clay

Red and blue, in pairs of two…. Shoes for me, shoes for you …. Shoes are everywhere!