Shapes Unit of Study Highlights

Circles, triangles, and squares …..
Sometimes triangles in squares …..
Geometric patterns in fabric and on buildings …..
We can find different common shapes in many things in our daily lives.

Learning about shapes is important in many areas of development and school-readiness. Being able to discern and differentiate shapes teaches children to be visually discriminate, a skill that is essential in learning to read and do math – children need to be able to differentiate between a ‘b’ and ‘d’, and ‘3’ and ‘5’. It also helps children develop descriptive vocabulary which assists in communicating, key to success in school and social situations.

There are SO many learning activities that can be offered using shapes. In this Unit, some of the hands-on activities include:
• Making a Shape Book
• Becoming a Shape Detective
• Creating Shape Art with puffy paint
• Using play dough on Shape Mats

Our world is full of shapes, some simple and some more complex. Helping children see these shapes can expand their mental horizons!