Cranes lifting items high …..

Bulldozing large piles of dirt …..   

Scraping the surface smooth …..

Trucks hauling away rocks and dirt ……

These are all activities frequently seen at a road construction sites.

Many children are fascinated by big, heavy construction equipment. They love the size, the noise, and the actions of these big machines. When children use trucks in the sandbox or sensory table, they are using their imagination to mimic what they see in their real, everyday life… this is how they learn about the world around them.  

Exploring road and bridge construction provides hours of imaginative play. Through hands-on activities, children:

·       Re-create sounds and actions seen and heard at construction sites

·       Transform boxes into ramps, bridges and tunnels

·       Use their gross muscle coordination to move a ball along an obstacle course

·       Play a game by following a ‘road’ to park their car in a ‘garage’

Our world relies on safe roads and bridges. Encouraging children to learn about roads and bridges could spark an interest that eventually results in them becoming architects and engineers.