‘Planting A Rainbow’ Unit
Book by Lois Ehlert

Sunny days in the garden …..
The sprinkler swishing to and fro …..
Amazement as the seeds turn into beautiful flowers ……
The book Planting a Rainbow can evoke these memories of childhood gardening.

Planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful flowers or wonderful vegetables is a great way to expose children to the wonders of the environment. Once children have experienced the colors that can be found in the garden, they will be more aware of colors in every part of their world. Gardening is also great physical exercise, can be a tool to teach scientific observation and recording, and may instill in children the love of caring for our environment … all good things!

There are so many great activities that can be based on gardening, and all the colors that surround us. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Write their names (letters or other words) using seeds
• Use rainbow ribbons in a Maypole dance
• Squish-paint to make a crown of rainbow-colored flowers
• Turn fruit into rainbow skewers, yum!

Planting A Rainbow by Lois Ehlert may inspire young children to become ardent gardeners, a practice that can become a life-long interest.