Ooey, gooey melt-y cheese ……
Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions ……
Crispy crust and spicy sauces ……
What do you like best about pizza?

Almost everyone loves some kind of pizza – whether it is a traditional pepperoni with tomato sauce or a ‘blonde’ pizza with chicken and Alfredo sauce. Pizza is a great topic that can provide learning in all areas – cognitive, language, creative and motor. Taking a field trip to a pizzeria is a really fun activity, especially if the children get to make their own pizza!

Encourage children to explore all types of learning through these hands-on pizza activities:
• Reading a recipe to make a personal pizza
• Practicing sequencing in the ‘Top the Pizza’ game
• Throwing a soft Frisbee ‘pizza’

As one of the pizza songs in the Unit says…. ‘Eatalota Eatalota Eatalota pizza’!