Our Homes

Our Homes


Every day children are trying to understand and make sense of their world.  It starts with the things they know best – their families and where they live.


Product Description

Understanding that people live in different types of dwellings helps children begin to understand how families and communities share commonalties, it is a way of making sense of the world.  Knowing where they live is an important concept for a child’s self-development.  It helps them feel a connection to others, and to realize the similarities and differences between families, communities and groups of people in the world.

Investigating different types of houses and homes encourages children to use analytical, higher level thinking and problem solving.  In this Unit, children explore houses through these hands-on activities:

  • Compare different building materials by examining the story of The Three Little Pigs
  • Play a game to match the number on keys to the ‘address’ of different houses
  • Design paper bag ‘houses’ and turn them into a ‘town’
  • Create ongoing magical ‘places’ using a wooden cube as the basic structure


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