‘Olivia Forms A Band’ Unit
Book by Ian Falconer

Marching bands and parades …..
Picnic on a blanket under the stars …..
Fireworks on the 4th of July ……
Summer memories usually include at least one of these happenings!

Olivia wants to be sure that her memory of the 4th of July includes a marching band …. even if she is the one providing it!! Not only is this book about a common summer event many of us attend, it also shows how determination and problem solving can make things happen. Through this book, children can see how Olive solved her problem, hopefully encouraging them to find solutions to solve problems that they encounter.

Music is a huge part of summer. There are a lot of fun learning activities that include music on all levels. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Create their own ‘one-man’ band in a math game
• Explore the different tones of ‘musical glasses’
• Move their bodies to music using scarves, ribbons and paper plate ‘skates’

Olivia is a well-loved children’s literary character. Children will delight in her ability to create her own ‘music’.