My Restaurant Unit of Study Highlights

Burgers and fries…..
A creamy milkshake…..
Pizza dripping with melted cheese……
What are your childhood memories of ‘eating out’?

Eating out at a restaurant is a great learning experience for children. They learn to make decisions based on what they like, they practice appropriate social skills, they start to understand that we have to ‘pay’ for items, and they see all the different roles people have in a restaurant. Children will take this learning and re-visit it when engaging in ‘restaurant’ dramatic play. This is how they make sense of the world in which they live.

Through restaurant play and exploration, children:
• Develop vocabulary and speaking skills;
• Practice counting and sorting food items;
• Create food from self-hardening clay;
• Develop large and small motors with the Serving Tray Game

There are many different types of restaurants, offering a variety of foods. Try having a Pizza Shoppe one week, a Taco Stand the next week, and a Burger & Fries Drive-In the next… this could go on for a long time!