A hug and a kiss …..
The encouragement to try again …..
Celebrating accomplishments and victories together ……
This is how family members show care and support for each other.

Families come in all sizes and configurations. Each family is special and different from another, but each family is also the same as others. A family could be defined as a group of people that care about and take care of each other, related or not. Members of a family are a child’s first teacher, their safety-net, and their mirror for knowing what’s right and wrong. Family is constant and ‘forever’ which provides a structure for healthy development for young children.

Preschool children are learning about themselves and the world from their family first. In this Unit, children:
• Create a family picture album
• Use language to discover and discuss things about families
• Use counting and math skills to play a game based on the book A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams

We are all a part of a unique family, help children learn about and celebrate theirs!