Mud Unit of Study Highlights

A bucket of water, a pail of dirt …..
Mix all together for …..
Mud squishing between our toes …..
Who has not done this before? Or at least found a puddle and walked in it to make mud?? Great childhood memories come from simple things like dirt and water!

Mud is a very inexpensive (free even!) material that can be found almost anywhere and can be used in a variety of learning activities. Most children absolutely love the feel of mud on their hands and between their toes. It is a very sensory-filled medium in which to play and discover new things. Some children can spend hours making mud, shaping pies, and then serving them at their ‘restaurant’.

When doing this Unit of Study, prepare parents for some dirty children. In fact, request that the children wear their oldest clothes, and that they have at least one change of clothing per day!

Use mud for learning through these hands-on activities:
• Sequencing with the story Mud Walk by Joy Cowley
• Practicing counting by cutting a mud pie into pieces, (also fractions)
• Building with adobe mud bricks
• Creating a ‘Mud Kitchen’ for dramatic play

Remember, the dirtier children are at the end of the day, the more their learning was enhanced!