Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus …..
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale …..
Just Me and My Mom ……
Just Me and My Dad ……
Favorite books by well-known authors/illustrators! – Mo Willems and Mercer Mayer.

Reading to children provides so many positive experiences – snuggling up to see the pictures, learning new vocabulary words, using higher level problem solving skills to figure out what the picture is saying, and gaining knowledge from the book are just a few! The more children are read to, the more likely they will become readers themselves. Being able to read is a key factor in being successful in school, and as an adult.

Integrating other activities with reading a book helps children really ‘cement’ ideas and concepts. In this Unit, children explore some of the work of Mo Willems and Mercer Mayer through these hands-on activities:
• Create their own finger print ‘little critter’ to add to their drawings
• Play a counting game by adding ice cream scoops to their cone
• Paint their own, special ‘knuffle bunny’
• Demonstrate things that they CAN do in a circle game

Books are a window to seeing so many wonderful things in our world. Help children develop a love of reading by finding great children’s books – many which are written and illustrated by the same person!