Fresh fallen snow …..
Footprints made by who?…..
Tracks leading where? …..
Tracks in the snow (or mud) are fascinating to follow, seeing who made them and where they lead.

Seeing and following animal tracks can provide a wealth of information and engaging learning activities for children (and adults!). Through following animal tracks, we can see where they live, where they hunt for or find food, and how they care for their young. Animal tracks can provide the opportunity for children to develop scientific observation and higher level thinking skills.

Animal tracking is fun and engaging. Through hands-on activities, children:
• Learn how to visually differentiate between different shapes of tracks
• Use their own footprint as a tool for measuring
• Create a clay tile of animal tracks

Finding animal tracks can be done in any season with mud and snow. At the river bed, on a sandy road or the snow around the base of a tree, animals are leaving a footprint to their presence.