Leaves whirling and twirling …..
Vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow …..
The crunch of leaves when walked on ……
Fall is a time to engage our senses as we see the changes that occur in leaves.

There is nothing more fun that to rake up a big pile of leaves and run through it, jump into it, or just lay on top of it! Children can make great mazes and obstacle courses using piles of leaves, and each day they can re-design it. Not only are leaves a very inexpensive and available resource, but they can be used in so many different types of activities that address all the developmental domains.

Make sure to gather many, many leaves in order to do these hands-on activities:
• Become an author through making ‘My Own Leaf Book’
• See how leaves fall from a parachute
• Examine leaves using a magnifying glass in the sensory table

Leaves are everywhere, in all different types of environments. Changing colors to brilliant red, orange and yellow heralds the coming of fall… enjoy!