Standing at the bus stop …..

Riding through the rain …..

Hearing, seeing, and smelling the sites of a city .…

These are experiences many have when using city transportation.

There are so many things for children to see and learn about in this world. Being with a special person that can highlight the many delights in our world is a great way for children to discover new things. Teaching children how to appreciate what they have, and to see the beauty in others, helps them to see the value in people that are different than they are, as well as develop empathy for others.

There are a lot of fun, learning activities that can be developed based on this book.  Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Participate in a special ‘giving’ project
  • Use dramatic play to learn about riding the bus
  • Develop large muscles through a jumping activity
  • Create a map of their neighborhood

The more children experience being out in their community, the more they can see their connection to others. This helps children develop good attitudes about the world, and empathy towards others.