The fun of using blankets to create a fort in the backyard…..
Finding an old toy and using it to rocket off to outer space…..
Turning paper and paint into a dragon, dinosaur or diner…..
Many of us remember the fun of using whatever materials we had at hand to turn them into a magical land of make-believe with our imaginations.

Children use their imagination and pretend play to discover and learn about their world. This is important for cognitive development. Through imagination and pretend play, children are ‘trying out’ things they have seen or heard in their everyday life. This helps them develop skills in higher level thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and to understand the connection between people, places, and events. Imagination is key to inventing, creating, and implementing new ideas. Through exploration, children learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

This Unit can help you provide an environment rich in imaginative play so that children:
• Follow their ideas using a crayon as their tool for creation
• Explore the world using a box
• Build a unique robot from a collection of ‘junk and stuff’

When children use their imaginations, they can own the world. This is a great place to be!