Product Description

  • Icicles hanging from the eaves…..
  • Frosty noses and tingling cheeks…..
  • Slipping and sliding across the pond……
  • Beauty and fun can be found in the cold weather of winter!

Dress up warmly and get outside for some much-needed fresh air and exercise. Children love to explore and make forts in the snow.  Hide colored ‘jewels’ for them to find over and over! Or, bring winter indoors through fun experiments using water and ice.  Help children find the beauty in their natural surroundings, whether it be a beautiful summer sunset, a spring shower rainbow, the glorious colors of fall leaves, or the delicate formation of a winter icicle.

Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Make an icicle alphabet
  • Create their own ‘Book of Frozen Experiments’
  • Hunt for jewels outside
  • Examine crystals in the ‘Glitter-y Iced Pictures’