Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry piled up high …..
Dripping down the side of the cone …..
A cool treat on a hot summer’s day …..
Ice cream can bring a smile to most faces, and it is a great antidote for the blues!

Almost everyone loves ice cream! Not only is ice cream great to eat, a lot of knowledge can be acquired by exploring the science behind how ice cream is made, and the social systems aspect of where the raw ingredients come from. Children will also have fun making an ‘ice cream sundae’ from art materials.

Through hands-on activities, children will use all of their senses to explore ice cream:
• Participate in a flannel board story of Five Ice Cream Cones
• Create a group mural after listening to the story Milk to Ice Cream by Julie Murray
• Sculpt an ‘ice cream sundae’ using air dry clay and puffy paint
• Make Kick the Can ice cream

Children will love exploring how they can make ice cream on paper, use cones and scoops of ice cream in a game, and make a yummy-to-eat ice cream treat!