I Can Do It!

I Can Do It!


Becoming independent is one of the greatest achievements of childhood, one that most children strive towards. This accomplishment takes an accumulation of skills and a vast amount of practice for children; and a lot of patience from providers, educators and parents!


Product Description

Mastering the self-help tasks that lead to independence starts in infancy and continues through the school-age years. Each task that infants master is a piece of the puzzle that becomes self-sufficient adults. These skills and tasks build upon each other as children grow in confidence and the desire to become independent. The Table on pages 6-8 shows how the skills children are developing support age appropriate self-help tasks.

Teaching children the skills necessary for success, and providing opportunities for practicing new skills, can be messy and time-consuming.  But the results are so rewarding … children that are independent and take responsibility for themselves, their actions and their needs .  This is what the end goal is for all children!

Experiences and learning opportunities that help develop physical/motor, language, cognitive and social/emotional skills will help children be successful in their mastery of self-help tasks. This Unit provides hands-on activities to:

  • Gain dressing skills through a variety of games
  • Track accomplishments using ‘I Am A Star’ awards
  • Master hygiene skills such as hand-washing, brushing teeth, and blowing nose


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