Fancy Easter hats…..   

The hat grandpa wore …..

A hat to keep out the rain……

Most adults and children have some special experiences or memories with hats.

Hats are a universal item – they can be found in all cultures, and in all countries. Hats are used in all seasons, and for many special occasions. How hats are used can encourage a very interesting conversation that helps children build vocabulary words. Lots of childrens’ books have been written about hats. Hats can be used to teach math, develop fine and gross motor skills, and used in creative activities. And, hats can just be fun!

Children explore hats through these hands-on activities:

·       Help celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2)

·       Use hats to start learning about mathematical sets and equations

·       Examine the different types of hats worn for particular jobs

·       Develop fine motor skills through making a patchwork hat

Hats provide a fun and engaging material for learning activities. The more children are engaged in the learning experience, the more knowledge is retained and skills are developed. Hip hip hooray for hats!