Mittens & Hats Unit of Study Highlights

Thumbs in the thumb holes …..
Fingers all together …..
That’s how mittens keep our hands warm ……
In cold, winter weather!

Many of us remember the frustration of trying to get fingers in the right places when putting on gloves – mittens are so much easier! Teaching children how to put on their own mittens and hat helps them become one step closer to being independent – a goal we need to have for our children.

This Unit uses hats and mittens as a tool to help children explore their world. Through hands on activities, children:
• ‘Build’ a mitten to keep track of books read
• Practice putting items in ‘sets of 3’, a great math skill
• Use visual acuity to find matching mittens
• Strengthen finger muscles through hanging up mittens and hats on a clothesline

It is easy to take every day items and use them as teaching tools. Children are learning from everything in their environment – even their hats and mittens!