Children may love bugs OR be deathly afraid of them… their reaction can be a learned attitude based on how the adults in their lives feel about bugs.  Bugs are a great ‘science project’ because they are small, easy to find and inexpensive (they are EVERYWHERE!), and provide a hands-on scientific investigation activity when used with magnifying glasses.

Learning about bugs helps children to understand their world, and appreciate the environment.  Through hands-on activities, children:

  • Practice counting and matching numerals
  • Use scientific observation techniques to inspect bugs
  • Develop large motor skills through ‘flying, jumping, and crawling’ like bugs
  • Create beautiful music with their ‘bug’ wood & sand blocks

Bugs are everywhere.  Embrace them and turn them into your living science center! Just sit back and watch the fun, excitement and learning that is taking place with your children.

NOTE: Combine this Unit with the Bugs Unit of Study (can be purchased in the Store) for a full month of buggy fun!