Children love watching their garden grow!


Product Description

Dirt between fingers and toes …..
Watering the garden, oops got sprayed…..
Eating vegetables fresh from the garden ……
Bugs and bees buzzing in the sunshine…..
Summer-time memories of gardening to create that children will treasure!

Not only is gardening great for the environment, but promotes a healthy lifestyle for children as well.  Eating healthy, being outdoors, and exercising are components of a lifestyle that can be nurtured into adulthood.

This is just a start to great gardening experiences.  Let your imagination soar as you dig, plant, water and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Some great hands-on experiences to get children interested in gardening include:

  • A grass alphabet
  • A gardening apron
  • Salad in a bowl

Gardening ideas are endless…. ‘dig in’ and get started!


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